Our motto for our company is *Quality is not an art, it’s a habit*
We strive for quality workmanship with the best quality products.
Our company was established in 1986.  We only use factory trained staff. We do not use sub contractors or any casual labor.
The company has painted and waterproofed more than 20 000 roofs and more than 11 000 homes / industrial buildings.


The company is known in the industry for prompt service, excellent workmanship and high quality products used on all applications.


We have over the years build up a professional working relationship with most of the bigger paint manufacturers and are proud to say that we use SABS approved products by Paintcor.  Please refer to the Paintcor website for product information :

Coprox Masonry Waterproofing is a highly acclaimed cure for dampness, moisture and water seepage.  When applied to raw porous masonry structures, Coprox masonry Waterproofing becomes an inseparable part of the structure effectively impending the progress of moisture in or out of the protective surface.

Please refer to the Coprox  website for product information :